Monday, August 30, 2010

Blizzcon 2010

Here's the link:

Looks like a blast!

Ezz hits 80

Finally. A lvl 80 horde toon.
Exciting? Well, for me it is!
My one and only!
Tanking set in the works.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Level 1 Noob

My life as a horde...........

For many years I have been faithful to the Alliance faction. With the addition of the death knight class, I do not have to quest in Tranquillen and decided to jump to lvl 55 and start one of my own... a male blood elf death knight.
Why? You ask? Napoleon Dynamite dance, baby! I can sit there and dance while I'm bored. How fun is that!
Another bonus? I have ALWAYS wondered what the horde area of Dalaran looks like! Hahhaha....

I can't get in there because these two rood doods keep bouncing me out when I'm playing my regular toons! I explored - went to the ship in Icecrown - planned all of my escapes from major cities and just had a good old time. I've enjoyed it SO much - that he's now lvl 77 and has made thousands in the Auction house. Nevermind the other 6 lvl  80's I have - this guy has piqued my interest for now.
More to follow...

Rush~roll the bones